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We are experts in the innovation of both the product / service and the management process. On the market, product and technological innovations are most often observed, but as research shows, these are the innovations that bring the least benefits at the moment. Our experience and expert knowledge allow companies to diagnose and implement cost-effective innovations on all 10 aspects of the organization: profit model, business cooperation network, organizational structure, process management and their structure, performance, product / service offer, sales channels, brand and customer engagement .


The solutions that we propose or which we develop together with the organization are a source of high profits, with relatively low costs. The companies cooperating with us use our knowledge and experience to optimally use their assets, reorganize processes, develop, create or respond to clients' needs. To achieve this, we use a scientifically developed and practically repeatedly verified methodology of entrepreneurial innovation. Its huge advantage is measurability - our clients know how much I will earn and at what time, what is the level of return on investment and what implementation options are available in their unique financial and organizational situation in the current market environment. Thanks to many years of experience, scientific preparation, multifaceted expert and business knowledge, our services bring tangible benefits.


All the money in your organization comes from customers. Sales are a key area and we are able to improve the sales process in your organization and thus improve your sales results.


Supporting sales processes is a key competence that we have developed in the course of many sales management projects in various organizations. Our team also includes people who directly managed large sales teams. While managing projects that increase the effectiveness of sales, we have been involved in the optimization of the intra-organizational processes of the sales and sales support area. We have extensive experience in creating and consulting business models and reseller remuneration systems.



We will professionally diagnose the areas of potential and limitations of your organization and select the most appropriate tools by which you can improve the sales process and increase sales.


Diversity management, above all cultural, is a source of competitive advantage for many modern organizations. However, as our experience shows, managing cultural diversity is a big challenge in organizations operating in different cultures or building intercultural teams.


We have experience working with teams from different cultures - Polish, American, Indian, Vietnamese, Israeli, French. We work by strengthening the strengths of the team and eliminating misunderstandings resulting from the use of our own cultural keys.



Thanks to our scientific and business experience, your organization will be a beneficiary of cultural diversity, and at the same time will avoid difficulties and decreases in efficiency related to activities in a multicultural environment.